Thursday, 10 July 2014

5 Mistakes That Threaten a Family or Employment Based Immigration

family or employment based immigration
Whenever a person is getting geared up for family based immigration or employment based immigration, he/she must be very careful about several things during the process so as to make a strong case and avoid the chance of getting an immigration rejection from the authorities. It is important for every applicant of immigration to remain on his/her toes and do everything right at every step so that the immigration office can find nothing to deny the green card or visa.  But even on being careful, there are several common mistakes that people tend to make. The following are the 5 most common mistakes that threaten a family or employment based immigration:

1.    Failing to be in a legally valid marriage
This is one of the most common mistakes which prevent a person from getting family based immigration permission.  For getting immigrated to the spouse’s country, the marriage between the couple should be legal and proper documentation of the same must be presented. In the absence of a legally valid marriage or proper proof, the immigration process can be disrupted.

2.    Failing to provide sufficient financial support documentation
Another mistake which may deter one from getting any kind of immigration visa, be it employment based, asylum based or family based is the inability or failure to produce proper or sufficient financial support documents. The legal system of each country only wants to welcome those individuals who won’t be a public charge and hence they need to see proper financial backing from your side. To know more, you can hire an employment based immigration attorney or any other legal expert.

3.    Failing to complete the immigration application
This is also a common mistake that threatens any immigration process. Completion of application is the first and most mandatory requirement to get a visa or green card but even on knowing this, many individuals may not truly complete it.  This may be due to inability to understand the form and thus hiring a legal attorney is highly important in your immigration process.

4.    Failing to produce proper employment proof
In case of employment based immigration appeal, providing the authorities with employment proof in another country is the most basic and important requirement. If you fail to produce proper proof that you are employed at a company in a foreign land, then the authorities might be forced not to grant you the permission or visa for long term or permanent stay.

5.    Hiding criminal record or details
If a person hides any previous criminal record or an illegal activity, then the authorities may not grant the visa to that individual due to hiding of facts. Those with criminal records sure have difficulty in getting immigration but when this fact is hidden, and then the situation may become even more difficult.
So if you wish to avoid these mistakes, you must go completely prepared or seek help of an attorney. To do this, you can visit


  1. Thank you for this information. A dear friend of mine wants to apply for an employment based visa. She is nervous, because she doesn't know much about the process. I think hiring legal counsel would really benefit her.

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