Thursday, 10 July 2014

5 Mistakes That Threaten a Family or Employment Based Immigration

family or employment based immigration
Whenever a person is getting geared up for family based immigration or employment based immigration, he/she must be very careful about several things during the process so as to make a strong case and avoid the chance of getting an immigration rejection from the authorities. It is important for every applicant of immigration to remain on his/her toes and do everything right at every step so that the immigration office can find nothing to deny the green card or visa.  But even on being careful, there are several common mistakes that people tend to make. The following are the 5 most common mistakes that threaten a family or employment based immigration:

1.    Failing to be in a legally valid marriage
This is one of the most common mistakes which prevent a person from getting family based immigration permission.  For getting immigrated to the spouse’s country, the marriage between the couple should be legal and proper documentation of the same must be presented. In the absence of a legally valid marriage or proper proof, the immigration process can be disrupted.

2.    Failing to provide sufficient financial support documentation
Another mistake which may deter one from getting any kind of immigration visa, be it employment based, asylum based or family based is the inability or failure to produce proper or sufficient financial support documents. The legal system of each country only wants to welcome those individuals who won’t be a public charge and hence they need to see proper financial backing from your side. To know more, you can hire an employment based immigration attorney or any other legal expert.

3.    Failing to complete the immigration application
This is also a common mistake that threatens any immigration process. Completion of application is the first and most mandatory requirement to get a visa or green card but even on knowing this, many individuals may not truly complete it.  This may be due to inability to understand the form and thus hiring a legal attorney is highly important in your immigration process.

4.    Failing to produce proper employment proof
In case of employment based immigration appeal, providing the authorities with employment proof in another country is the most basic and important requirement. If you fail to produce proper proof that you are employed at a company in a foreign land, then the authorities might be forced not to grant you the permission or visa for long term or permanent stay.

5.    Hiding criminal record or details
If a person hides any previous criminal record or an illegal activity, then the authorities may not grant the visa to that individual due to hiding of facts. Those with criminal records sure have difficulty in getting immigration but when this fact is hidden, and then the situation may become even more difficult.
So if you wish to avoid these mistakes, you must go completely prepared or seek help of an attorney. To do this, you can visit

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Positives Of Hiring An Immigration Lawyer Or Attorney!

Immigration law is that field or section of law which is related to immigration of a person from one country to another. The definition might sound simple but the process of immigration is surely not a cake walk and consists of several challenges on the way.  Without expert suggestions, experienced advice and legal representation, immigration of any kind, be it family based immigration of asylum immigration may prove to be a tough procedure. Those seeking asylum outside their nation may not possibly find a taker without the help of an experienced asylum immigration lawyer.   Similarly, those who are seeking family based immigration may not be able to fully understand the complexities without the proper guidance of a family based immigration lawyer. These law experts know exactly how to file the petition and have it accepted.

Positives of hiring asylum immigration lawyers:

  •     If you are stuck in a situation where you face threat to life in your country due to a political opinion, a religious issue or any other problem, then seeking an asylum outside your country may seem the best option. This is where an asylum immigration lawyer rescues you out of the situation and deports you to safety.
  •     These lawyers file your papers, submit your petition and plan your entire course of action.
  •     They also represent you at legal hearings or cases and thus prove extremely helpful.

Positives of hiring family based immigration lawyers:

  •     A family based immigration lawyers helps you understand what all are the requirements for your family member/members to be immigrated to your nation.
  •     They let you know about whether or not your child is qualified for immigration and if yes, then handles the entire process from documentation to legal representation.
  •     Another positive associated with hiring a family based immigration expert is that they help you avoid making any mistakes during the immigration process and help avoid the situation of rejection of appeal.

Both asylum immigration attorneys and family based immigration attorneys are type of Immigration Lawyers in Fairfax VA who are either self -employed or work for immigration law based law firms.  These experts specialize in their designated areas and are exceptionally knowledgeable as far as immigration laws, rules and regulations of different countries are concerned. If you go to a qualified immigration lawyer, then you can be rest assured that your case is in good hands and that you will be allowed to immigrate provided all your paperwork is in place.  But one must make sure that he/she has a valid reason, documents or identity and birth certificates etc. with him/her before approaching an immigration attorney. These experts cannot help you out if your paperwork is not complete or the needed documents are missing.
There is no limit to the number of experienced and well qualified immigration experts in USA. You can find trained law experts in Fairfax VA, Arlington VA, Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. So give up trying to file the papers yourself and contact an immigration firm now!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How Can An Asylum Immigration Lawyer Help You Out

Asylum immigration Lawyer
Are you looking for help from an immigration lawyer? When you have an immigration case, you have to be really careful regarding the lawyers you choose because even the slightest bit of negligence on your part can turn out to be extremely dangerous.

Sometimes, it may so happen that your homeland is not safe for you as there may be threats or problems. In such cases, it is natural for you to wish not to go back to your original country and you may seek to stay longer in America. When the safety of one’s life is at stake, you can always avail of the services of an asylum immigration lawyer and they will take care of the details.

The best Asylum immigration lawyer will go through the details of your case, understand your concerns and fear and then formulate the perfect strategy and represent the case accurately laden with the right set of facts to back up his evidence. When a case is accurately presented, it will help you in getting the right permit that will allow you to stay in America.

What Happens if There Is a False Case?

The books of law are very strict in this case. Immigration and asylum immigration are extremely sensitive matters and flouting the rules in these cases will mess up the equation. You need to put up a really honest case and none of the facts must be fabricated. It is only when you manage to project the right picture and the details which you are filing are cent percent accurate that you can be hopeful of getting justice.

There have been a few cases where people have been found of misrepresenting data and information merely to get their permit to stay in U.S. In such cases, the legal action that is subsequently taken can be extremely harsh and there will be serious repercussions. It is therefore advised that when you are talking with the immigration Attorney Maryland, you should narrate the right facts laced with the details as they are. There should be absolutely no false picture and deceptive lies. The U.S. government is very strict in these matters.

Misrepresenting a situation merely for the sake of getting a permit to stay in U.S. is a punishable offense and you must bear this in mind. With the right help from the best asylum immigration lawyer, you can be hopeful of getting the rights to stay in America.

If you want to find the right set of lawyers who will assist you, you need to be patient and explore your options. If cost of services is an issue, it is better to discuss about it in advance. Most lawyers are likely to offer you a rough quote of the cost that is likely to be incurred. However, even if the price that is charged is a little high, it is important to opt for the services of lawyers that have a good track record and can help you win the case.

Handling such cases requires expertise and skill and you should therefore choose the finest immigration lawyer in Virginia .